A Christmas tree decorated with music themed ornaments and clear ball decorations filled with jewelryLighting: We chose to have white lights to give the tree the sparkle it needs but let the ornaments stand out more.
For our tree topper we wanted to work within our theme and not do a traditional star.  We used our record decorations and combined three together to make a unique topper.

An array of large and small ornaments made our tree really stand out this year.  We used musical birthday decorations that we found online and used large record decorations deep in the branches to add color and depth. For smaller ornaments we had musical instrument ornaments made on a 3D printer! It was really neat to see them be made and added exactly what we wanted on the tree.  As this was a fundraiser auction tree we wanted to include some added value to the winner so we filled clear Christmas decorations with jewelry from the store.  It's so fun to hunt around the tree and find dazzling gifts hidden within the balls.  We also wanted to have the Christmas tree have a family feel and decided to add in picture frame ornaments with photos of simple music notes that could later be changed out for your own family photos or your favourite hymns.

We continued the music theme down to the tree skirt by adding a black tree skirt and more record decorations to match with the topper. This finishing touch was just what it needed and I am glad with how it turned out.

Printed sheet music, lamenated and glued together.
REd bulbs with painted on music notes.

small clear ball decoratins dipped in glue and rolled in star confetti